A typical L.A. Girl’s night out consists of dining at a reserved table at a fabulous restaurant like Boa, do a little dance at a minimum of two clubs, make a cameo at a friend’s fiesta somewhere in Westwood, then find a 24 hour corner store to find a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream to share back at the apartment while chatting over the cute guy in the plaid who lives in Silverlake and is probably a musician. Though when it’s summer and the night is still young there is a higher chance of being out longer and having that fun towards the a.m. When you’re out all night you need an ensemble that is chic, effortless, and ready for nocturnal adventures. Steer away from the faux pas like pleather mini skirt, tube top, and fish nets. This Fashionista displayed an eye catching outfit that is perfect to strut the town. A sequin dress adds the right touch of glitz but the minimal details keeps it tasteful. Paired with a fitted blazer it’s a cool cover up that gives a sense of layering along with a great pair of black leather sandals to show the right amount of leg and height. It’s basic sensibility when having fun with the girls be in something noticeable with a hint of sex appeal but still appropriate and versatile. With a basic dress and blazer you can mix it up with jewelry, footwear, or a clutch. When it comes down to it the best accessories to have when you are feeling fantastic are a great group of friends. So it’s a Friday night be a little flirty but be a lot of fashion forward have fun and embrace the summer.

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