There is nothing sloppier than a man with his shirt hanging loose below his belt. Whether it's your shirt into your pants, your jeans into your boots, or your hair into a scarf, things look better tucked in. That being said, it also never looks good to be perfectly buttoned up. This Fashionista strikes the perfect balance between sloppy and stuffy. Her outfit is beautifully disheveled, with her jeans tucked into her cute brown fringe boots and her tailored white shirt staying out of her jeans. There is a laid-back elegance to the look. A designer that perfectly encompasses the balance between pulled together and falling apart is Ralph Lauren. I love the way his designs manage to look beautifully elegant but not stuffy. Things are belted, tucked in, and neat, but there is still a flowy-ness and laid-back charm, similar to the vibe of this particular Fashionista. Also, check out these three celebrities, all sporting a tucked in look: they all look pulled together and hip. So, when you roll out of bed in the morning, hair a mess, begging for a cup of coffee and a scone, remember that simply tucking in your shirt, or slipping jeans into boots can turn your outfit from a mess into perfection.

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