Once upon a time Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen roamed the streets of New York, L.A., Paris, and anywhere with sidewalks disguised as posh bag ladies with Givenchy handbags in one hand and a venti house blend in the other. It was at that moment style icons were born and adoring fans embraced the look. Now the girls are grown up and polished their glam but still have left their mark with keeping oversize accessories as a hot commodity. When fall arrives so do the layers. True to form when the season arrives favorites are taken out of the closet to finally catch some fresh crisp air.

One to take notice of first is the perfect oversize shrug. It is an effortless piece that can blend well with many versatile outfits and it has a chic comforting appeal. This Fashionista makes a simple ensemble go to the next step with a play on proportion and adding some quirky details. She wears an adobe palette tunic with a fantastic knit shrug and laced peep toes flared with animal print socks. She looks chic and modern but there is an underling of allowing the look to still be inviting. With such a warm and minimal color palette the whole looks balanced and still fun. The shrug to me is a statement piece that can translate in many fashion languages.

For the everyday wear match it with a simple V-neck and skinny jeans or take it to evening with a tuxedo blouse and velvet shorts. You can choose a variety with some that have studded detail, belted options, preppy esthetic, and length. Play around and find one that fits and in last resort go a size up…it won’t hurt.

Thank you to the darling twins who have shown some stylish light but instead of applause only nods and shrugs.

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