Hey, Fashionistas! Did any of you go into your closets to break out your summer wardrobe and find that all your shorts were way too short?  Because I know that’s what happened to me. This season, the stereotypical booty shorts are definitely out. Super-short shorts were fine during your middle-school years, but bermudas and mid-thigh shorts are by far the more popular choice this season for the college-aged Fashionista. I know that for me personally, after arriving at college I felt like I needed to change-up my wardrobe, and all of my super-short shorts from high school were the first things to be kicked to the curb.

The Fashionista in this photo has definitely gotten the memo about longer shorts this summer. She is wearing a very stylish pair of cuffed jean shorts that she found at The Gap and they look great on her petite frame while being totally age-appropriate as well. She has also completed the outfit with a pair of gladiator sandals and an off-the-shoulder glitzed-out top. This whole outfit has a very bohemian look to it, and gives her a relaxed yet very trendy style for those hot summer days.

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