STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Not Your Average Lolita

I have to admit, when this Fashionista explained that her style reflected the many personas of Lolita, I was slightly confused. She explained that she could be anything from a country Lolita to a casual Lolita by just changing her outfit. I had only a shallow perception of the character. I knew Lolita as the skimpily dressed, promiscuous girl in Vladimir Nabokov’s novel. As you can see, only an air of sweetness and innocence surrounds this Fashionista. If I were taking a cue from Lolita, I would be trying to expose as much skin as possible. However, there is a whole style movement known as Lolita fashion that attempts to reject the need for women to look overly sexy. 

Asian fashion is notorious for their whimsical and cartoonish qualities, so I was not shocked to find that Lolita fashion stemmed from Japan. They have created everything from punk Lolita to sailor Lolita, just as this Fashionista described. No matter which personality you take on, the end result must not cater to men in any way. You cannot be too childlike or too provocative. The idea is to be surrounded by beauty and approach life gracefully.

This Fashionista is great example of classic Lolita. This side of Lolita fashion is considered the most subdued. She could bolt off to a garden party at a moments notice. The rules dictate that you should refrain from wearing bold colors and to stick to pastels as well as muted prints. Notice how this Fashionista’s dress takes on a more modest silhouette. In classic Lolita, it is best to wear dresses and skirts that are more A-line or bell shaped. The hat and the pearls are much needed accessories since they add a sophisticated touch. These components could be found at any thrift store for a song.

You can always readapt the style by injecting floral headpieces and patterned tights, because nothing in fashion can be so easily defined. Just be sure to have fun getting extra dolled up. Tap into that girly side of you that planned your dream wedding at age eight and insisted on wearing dress up heels with everything. Also, do not forget that your man can be the perfect accessory, too. This Fashionista’s fiancé builds off her outfit by looking equally dapper in his top hat. Together, they make a fine pair.

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