STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Not Your Average T-Shirt and Jeans

It’s time to switch up the boring T-shirt and jeans look for something fresh. It’s a new year and if you’re in Atlanta, things are slowly starting to warm up. So shouldn’t your outfit choices do the same? Pair a trendy T-shirt with a skirt for a classy twist on an American staple ensemble.

Today's Fashionista did a fabulous job putting her outfit together. I found her elbows-deep in clay in the ceramics studio (which may explain her choice of a T-Shirt instead of a florally shirt) and I had to ask her if I could feature her outfit. No matter what made her decide to go with a T-shirt, I’m sure we can all agree that she made the right choice. From what she told me her look wasn’t that complicated to create. She snagged her pale pink A-line skirt from Last Chance thrift store, and she scored her Marc Jacob’s T-shirt off of a friend. She then threw on a long patchwork sweater, tights, and some awesome boots from Urban Outfitters all to guard her from any brisk Georgia gusts.

You’ll have no problem recreating a similar look, especially because there are a slew of stores that sell trendy T-Shirts. For a truly unique look, check out some of these T-shirts designed by artists all over the world. After you’ve got your T-shirt, you're going to have to find a skirt or pair of shorts. Since this outfit works best with a tucked in shirt, I recommend high-waisted bottoms.

The rest of your accessories are up to interpretation. You’ll never go wrong with a thick belt, or stockings like the ones our Fashionista is wearing. Next time you put on your favorite T-shirt, keep this post in mind. Jeans aren’t your only option!

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