STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Not Your Usual Sherlock Holmes

April has sprung and everything is slowly transforming to our Easter season. Grass is turning green, trees are growing, rain is pouring, and our Easter colors are starting to appear. April is the month that is known for the Easter bunny, which means colors galore; egg dying colors are eye popping, bright, and pretty, and here is a great example out that! This Fashionista is wearing a pink trench coat for all the right reasons: April and May showers,  and of course, the stylish pink color. This trench, though, is not like any other trench. Sure, it’s pink, but it is also a trench that takes off a different style, instead of its usual cookie cutter design. Along with that, she has paired up her ensemble with a unique leather lining belt with the silver design clasp, tights, a little black dress, and some ballet flats. Overall, a very stylish and classy look for school.

Trench coats have been around for decades, seen in old black and white films from where it became popular in “Sherlock Holmes”, to the long lady’s trench coats like the one Audrey Hepburn wore in "Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Now, it is worn everywhere and is usually during our spring season because the fabric of the trench is perfect for rainy weather—so you aren’t soaked, but can still wear light clothing. The usual trench coat for women consist of the buttons on each side, popped up collar, waist buckle, and are usually in a tan or cream color. With all the new and fresh ideas that are created by the designers of our world, we have been able to change the look of the classic trench by new designs, details, colors, shapes, and sizes.

So, for this spring’s fashion forward looks, go ahead and style up your outfit with the perfect trench. With your pair of chunky heels, bell bottom pants, colorful and loose shirt, add a classic, or a new and improved trench coat to be prepared for the weather to come. Step aside down coats, you are being trumped with the ultimate spring coat—see you next winter!

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