Edgy, yet approachable, trendy, yet original, polished, yet fun. What is the style taking over the streets by storm? The Nu-Goth style. Nu-Goth can simply be described as a cross between classic goth style and hipster fashion staples. The Nu-Goth approach is a great way to mix items you already have in your closet together creating a grunge, '90s mood only updated. From plaids and crosses, to leather, lace and big chunky boots, there are immeasurable approaches to achieve a Nu-Goth look.

This Fashionista achieved Nu-Goth in a simple manner, not all Nu-Goth outfits need to be an over the top theatrical costume. Her royal blue hat makes a fashion statement on its own, adding a little vintage flair to her look. Wearing all black was the perfect complement to her bold accessories, especially next to her studded creepers. This Fashionista screams attitude and exerts immense amounts of confidence in her simple, yet youthful, trendy look. She is definitely wearing the outfit, the outfit is not wearing her.

As a softer approach to typical Goth fashions, Nu-Goth pieces are not difficult to find. A studded plaid blazer is a subtle approach to this style that can either be made edgier by pairing with a pleated cross blouse, or you can simply pair it with a black maxi dress. Accessories are also an easy way to edge up your style. Round sunglasses are a fun way to inspire others with your new look. And don’t forget about the shoes! Shoes can make an outfit, like cutout chelsea boots. However you decide to incorporate Nu-Goth into your style, make it fun, fashionable, but most importantly, your own.

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