This Fashionista had her imagination flowing when she picked out this colorful collage to wear today. And what better way to prepare for her musical rehearsal than to get dressed in an ode to a Broadway show? She didn’t actually do that intentionally, but her look reminded me of one anyway. Her Peter Pan-inspired boots instantly made me think of flying to Never Never Land. The other pieces in her outfit have a childlike theme with Native American textile–inspired hints and prints, a la Tiger Lily.   

Aside from these fairytale connections that I was probably alone in drawing from her outfit, this Fashionista put together a very cool ensemble. I have never seen boots that combine the 1920s men’s oxford shoe detailing with an ankle boot with a wide Peter Pan shape. I was enthralled. The skirt's patchwork detailing is also unique in that it doesn’t prevent the skirt from draping nicely, as most quilting patterns would. This makes it comfortable and able to gracefully flow when she walks. The flexible fabric also makes the skirt sit flatteringly on her hips over the tucked–in black tank. The bag is such a perfect complement to the skirt, incorporating a similar color scheme but a different pattern and material, plus the leather accents, so it’s not too “matchy-matchy” — which is always best to avoid. The best part, topping off the look is her beaded necklace. It looks one–of–a–kind, and the colors in it bring the imaginative, playful qualities of the rest of the outfit up to her face. 

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