STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Old-School Sunglasses

School is now in full effect. We will no longer be seeing partial weeks, as a result of long weekends, until October at the earliest. Your class schedule that was once too easy to handle is now getting slightly hectic as you add on meetings and practices- all while trying to maintain your social life. You have decided that pressing snooze on your alarm clock one more time won't hurt, only to realize that it forces you to terribly compromise your morning routine.

Because you're sick of putting make-up over your tired eyes every morning, oversized sunglasses are perfect to slap on before school. Not only are sunglasses much faster to put on, but they automatically make your look more fashionable.

This Fashionista decided to go with her oversized, old-school Ray Bans on this beautiful, sunny day in Atlanta. You can never go wrong with Ray Bans, no matter what color, size or shape they are.

If you envy the risk that this Fashionista took in purchasing sunglasses that are not the traditional black, brown or gray, you can buy them on Ray Ban's website in just about any color or shade you can think of.

Hint: If the price tag on these shades is a a little too high and you can generally fit into kids-sized glasses, the junior versions work just as well and are close to half the price. If you're still looking for something less pricy, American Apparel has a fabulous collection of vintage sunglasses. These ones look just about as classic as those Ray Bans.

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