A little over a year ago drastically grown out roots would have been considered an absolute fashion disaster. Lately, however, they have become the number 1 trend to try. Hollywood is going mad for the two-toned hairdo, which is now referred to as the ombre look. Celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port and Hilary Duff are perfect examples of blonde bombshells with well-blended graduated color from the roots (darkest) to ends (lightest). If you want more of an edgy look, check out Drew Barrymore’s high contrast ombre look.

How do you get this look? Easy, just cut down the trips to the salon for touch ups. The ombre look isn’t meant to be high maintenance, so it isn’t hard to obtain Rachel Bilson's soft and subtle locks. If you would prefer to be pampered, hair salons are well equipped to give you this natural, beach look. This trend goes beyond just the blonde and brunette shades. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy by adding pink and blue tips to hair. Colorful ombre looks seem to look best on blonde hair.

Ombre isn’t just for your hair. It is also for your nails too! The dual-color puts a fun spin on standard manicures. Two ways to do this trend with your nails is either the graduated color on every nail or having the color fade from one nail to the next.

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