Walking around campus everyday, I am constantly surrounded by students in perfectly put-together outfits consisting of classic cardigans and dark denim. Don’t take me wrong. I love simple, understated looks, but as someone looking out for real sartorial style, it’s often hard to find real inspiration. What it often takes, at least for me, is a single unconventional piece to really capture my attention and provoke my thoughts. And while I am all for nicely tailored, neutral-toned closet staples, nothing goes farther than a bright splash of vibrant color.

This Fashionista, who I always see strolling around in fabulously unique ensembles, takes the road less traveled by pairing a traditional white button-up with cheery red shorts. By opting for a color other than khaki or navy, and juxtaposing it with softer tones, this Fashionista brings her look from usual chic to editorial-worthy. Simultaneously, the layered silver necklace, the short combat boots, and the off the shoulder look all add a touch that is equal parts edgy and glamorous.

So if there is one piece that I think everyone should add to their spring wardrobe, it would be a pair of colorful shorts. It doesn’t have to red – anything such as a bright cotton candy pink or golden yellow would work well against a backdrop of spring’s whites and beiges. Currently, J. Crew offers their classic chino shorts in so many fun colors that it is virtually impossible to not find one that won't fit your skintone and preferences. I also recommend these BDG Low Rise Cutoff Cord Shorts from Urban Outfitters. The red or sapphire would both be great ways to spice up your look. Regardless of what color you choose, remember to have fun with it. Color is all about not taking yourself too seriously and more about taking risks to show your individual style and personality.

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