What I love about the ankle cuffed jean trend is its way to accentuate my favorite shoes and, of course, its flattering look. Shoes have a special power over many people and if you are excited to buy and wear new shoes, you might as well show them off! I have seen this trend all over fashion websites and on campus, it is an easy way to transform the skinny jean into something different. This Fashionista chooses to use the cuffed jean to go along with a vintage look. Her shoes, being the focal point of the outfit, are buckled at the ankle and really a versatile shoe. She matches that with an over the shoulder bag and a vintage printed shirt. I just love how the look pulls together to be trendy and casual at the same time and the headphones are a modern addition to the overall look.

Hint: Cuff your ultra skinny jeans at the ankle to accentuate your favorite pair of shoes. These shoes can literally be any style, just make sure they are exciting! Wear a dark or neutral color top, this will ensure that attention is drawn to the ankles. This only works with skinny jeans and can be for either male or female. Also, this look can be taken from day to night with a really simple change of footwear.

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