After a few weeks of cold weather, I can confirm that I am already getting tired of the puffy, marshmallow coat routine. However this Fashionista, Sam, unlocks the secret to a smart combination of clothing that keeps her cozy, yet chic on campus.

The fisherman sweater has hit it big this fall. You can find a style similar to Sam’s at Free People. While a neutral color like this is always sensible, a jewel tone such as emerald green or a dark maroon would be fun, youthful and equally as wearable as its more classic counterpart. When buying a chunky knit sweater, it is best to go either undersized or oversized. Sam has opted for the oversized look, which allows for additional layering underneath.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find things to wear with an oversized knit sweater, but here it appear quite easy. Sam pairs a thick knit with an oppositely delicate, floral print skirt. This choice adds a light, feminine twist to the look, and better yet, you can probably find a skirt or dress similar to this in your spring or summer wardrobe. However, if you are looking for a leg-covering option, stick with a tighter silhouette to contrast with the more bulky shape of the sweater. I’d suggest trying out leather leggings, which would bring a definite edginess to the comfortable, easy-going sweater.

Sam courts a downtown grunge and glam theme with her choice of accessories. The black beanie (which also adds to the sea-fearing look) is practically a necessity in New York City. You can find all kinds of variations at a host of stores, including this adorable feline-inspired beanie from Anthropologie. As for shoes, this pair comes from Jeffery Campbell. Although the distressed and delightfully warn in leather reads tough, the skirt hovering directly above makes for an interesting collision of masculine and feminine. Lastly, her black leather bag perfectly complements the rest of the well-thought out look. A larger shape is not only stylish, but can also hold all the things you need for the day.

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