It’s officially outdoor concert season, so one is constantly confronted with the question of what to wear to the stage. There are several things to consider:  venue, musician, weather, time of day, and the likely crowd composition. Is the venue nice, average, or downright grimy? What is the musician or band’s style? Is it going get chilly once it’s dark, or might you even need some killer boots and a hood for maybe rain? Is it daytime casual or night time glam? Will the crowd include some families who might appreciate conservative dress or a fair amount people who will accidentally tip their drinks onto your new white frock? 

This Fashionista got ready for a late-night Girl Talk concert at a casual outdoor venue downtown with just the right look. It was a hot night, and likely to be a pretty wild crowd. The black tank top is key – breathable and stain-safe, yet after dark she knew she wouldn’t have to worry about the color absorbing heat. The shorts are a nice color contrast but are mostly protected from harm by the length of the top, and the shoes are comfortable but protective for getting one’s feet repeatedly stamped on. The light-weight gold jewelry is a simple additive with a little sparkle. The best part, of course, is the graphic on the tank top. Channeling a “one-man wolf-pack” feel reminiscent of the infamous speech that kicks off the bachelor party in the movie, The Hangover, it has whimsical, devil-may-care attitude that is perfect for a concert. The music scene is one in which a lone-wolf persona with disregard for what anyone else thinks is highly prized. Hopefully, though, this carefree Fashionista’s night wasn’t quite as crazy as that of the wolf-pack in the movie. 

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