On a dreary day of summer classes, there’s something uplifting about knowing that at least you are not in your pajamas. Something about dressing to stand out makes one feel a little more awake and ready to tackle to the day. Now, there’s only one way to make a color actually “pop” out at the eye, biologically speaking: you have to juxtapose it with its complement — the color opposite it on the color wheel. Who knew fashion loved science? This Fashionista did, apparently. Her bracelet with the turquoise charm would be completely lost in the outfit if she hadn’t worn the orange top to offset the colors. The combination results in a bold statement that attracts the eye to both pieces so much more than it would to either piece standing alone. She brightened up the scenery a little with this simple choice. 

The top is also a nice contrast of style with the shorts. I would never have thought to put a classic pair of linen bow shorts, almost a preppy piece in my wardrobe, with such an urban, slouchy top, complete with fashion-forward tribal print in spray paint-like lines. Nevertheless, they complement each other much like the turquoise and orange do. Opposites attract!

Although she said she is completely opposed to the idea of jelly shoes, she actually fell in love with the ones she has on because the black, sleek look disguises the fact that they are jellies. They maintain the amazing comfort that the strange concept of jelly sandals guarantee, so it’s really a win-win.  She leaves her hair long and loose — great for a breezy day. The natural make-up and cute glasses are also very appropriate for class, adding a quintessential academic feel to the outfit — one I will sadly never be able to achieve unless my vision declines. Great work, Fashionista!

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