With temperatures teetering between brisk and blistering, autumn in New York can leave a CollegeFashionista coat confused. With weather not yet appropriate for the powerful parka, but serious enough to leave your sweater wanting company, it can be difficult to find fall outerwear that doesn’t leave you hot and bothered.

Suit up with this Fashionista and open up your overcoat opportunities. Donning drawstrings in a dapper way, this Fashionista’s hunter-hued coat is crucial for this season’s tricky transition. Light enough for layering, but substantial enough to stand alone, this Fashionista’s frock is autumn-adapted and suitable for spring. 

Propped against a printed tee and classic pencil-leg denim, this Fashionista combines sage and stripes in perfect balance. Careful not to commit to cold weather too soon, this Fashionista’s footwear and fedora coordinate to complete the optimal October outfit. 

With spacious selections and vast varieties, this season’s drawstring jacket offers shades and shapes suitable for every shopping cart. To ease into your outerwear obligations as effortlessly as this Fashionista, check out and Obey.

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