Finally, it’s summertime. The sun is out, finals are over, and we can all relax!  Los Angeles is finally seeing it’s normal weather patterns, encouraging fellow Fashionista(o)s to get their summer style on.  Light dresses, maxi skirts, and of course, bright colors, seem to be popping up all over.  Bright colors are a great way to add interest and appeal to a simple outfit.

With that said, FIDM is on a three week break until summer quarter begins. Obviously, this is a slight issue for me, as I have no Fashionistas to find!  However, I was able to discover this particular Fashionista at a great little restaurant in Los Feliz, a trendy and hip neighborhood ten minutes away from FIDM’s campus.   She walked in and instantly grabbed the attention of me and my three other friends, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture such a great outfit.  Interestingly enough, our Fashionista is sporting her own personal creation for American Apparel: a high waisted, 1950’s inspired orange skirt.  It’s perfect for any outing; one can dress it up, or dress it down for a day’s activity.  It’s effortlessly chic, and modern day classic.

The color orange is an easy addition to an ensemble, adding instant life to the outfit.  Don’t think orange is the color for you? Try a coral skirt; it’s bright enough for summer, and less bold than orange.  To complete the outfit, throw a turquoise bracelet on and a simple pair of pumps, and enjoy a warm day in the city.  Coral is a great way to segue into summer mode, not to mention it looks great with a tan!

Not only did this Fashionista catch my attention with her fabulous skirt, her shoes were a great addition to her outfit. A bright bold pump is a must for this summer! Don’t be afraid to add another color into your outfit; it’s unexpected and exudes confidence. So embrace the warm weather, and experiment with colors. Until next time, adieu!


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