This week’s Fashionista is ready to bring in the spring in her orange necklace-top ensemble. Not only is orange a perfect color for the spring, but it is the perfect color for a Clemson-chic outfit.  As all Clemson students know, adding orange to any outfit is strongly encouraged here at Clemson!

There are many noteworthy details that make this week’s Fashionista so fabulous. First of all, her choice to pair her orange, semi-cropped, casual-but-not top with an orange bubble necklace adds the necessary detail and interest to her outfit without introducing an additional color to an already bright color scheme. Then paring that top with dark skinnies and brown sandals, really create the illusion of a base or foundation. Paring the orange necklace-top combo with a lighter jean or black would not do its color justice; lighter jean would take away from the “pop” effect of the orange, and black would be a very rough contrast and not to mention turn the outfit from fabulous to Halloween appropriate. Last but not least, the button details down the back of the top are to die for. There is nothing more flattering than back detailing on an article of clothing.

Are you wondering what color you should put on today? Do you have an orange top and a necklace that you have always wanted to pair together but were worried it was orange -overkill? Try pairing this top and this necklace and wonder and worry no longer! Throw on your favorite pair of jeans, some chic sandals and walk your campus runway with style and pride.

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