Time to throw away the fashion laws and regulations of fit and start experimenting in a big way, literally. Oversized is the latest trend sweeping cities everywhere. First seen on the runways of Céline, Jil Sander and many other elite designers, this trend is making its way through the fashion cycle with enormous possibilities. Whether it’s a coat, blazer or even a dress, oversized is a prodigious new way to let you play with style in a practical way. Oversized means you don’t have to worry about size labels anymore! An extra large sweater has never looked better on any frame. Oversized also means comfort, warmth and security, but most of all, style.

This Fashionista wears the trend well looking warm in an oversized printed coat. Pairing her coat with straight pants was the perfect choice to keep a slim silhouette. When wearing oversized garments, to avoid looking like a marshmallow, you should always keep one slim garment on, whether it be a bodycon skirt, tights or slim pants. This way you look chic without looking like you just rolled out of bed and left your comforter on.

Oversized is everywhere, and if you see something you like that isn’t necessarily made to be oversized, you can make it oversized by getting a larger size. A dropped shoulder sweater dress is the perfect choice to be chic and snug simultaneously. An oversized wax jacket is a great way to leave room for layers of extra warmth for the winter months rapidly approaching. Big blouses are in, too! Try a simple silhouette with details and embellishments that will be sure to stand out. The new rule of fashion is that there are no rules! As long as the silhouette is flattering and your personality shines through, you are doing things right. Be yourself and have fun experimenting with new trends, no matter how big they may be.

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