Winter is the perfect time to layer up. From leaving your dorm, heading across campus, up three flights of stairs to your literature lecture- your environment's temperature changes so quickly and you need an outfit that can adapt to those changes with ease. And while layering a T-shirt under a sweater and coat isn't necessarily reinventing the wheel, this Fashionista proves how layering can once again be fresh.

Instead of grabbing for your trusty white T (which, believe me, is hard considering my addiction), opt for a bold stripped version instead. The Venice neon stripped T-shirt by StyleMint has a very Prada feel to it at a college friendly price point. This Fashionista's olive green jacket is equally on trend with the military theme and is a great alternative to a classic winter coat. The green of the coat contrasts the off-beat stripes on the T in a clashing yet appealing manner. Topped off with some chocolate brown suede gloves and black boots, the color and pattern of the pieces bring new life to the meaning of layers.

This week, don't go for the obvious choice of a basic T-shirt and coat. Switch it up, make unusual combinations, and take a chance. After all, isn't being risky what fashion is all about?

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