Wardrobes retire, and new styles sweep our mentalities time and time again when new fashions hit the runway. We are constantly obsessing over our next fashion investment and throwing out old styles we no longer have use for. Season after season we usually keep the classic pieces, whether it may be a simple white button-down, a prevailing blazer or our favorite trousers. But now there is something new to keep in tact with this collection of fashionable treasures, a color that screams sophistication without compromising excitement, a shade that looks good on virtually all skin tones and Fashionistas of all ages. It’s known as oxblood, but don’t let the name scare you.

Oxblood is the perfect fall color that transitions into winter extremely fluidly. It pairs well with blacks, whites, browns, greens, blues, other shades of red, as well as many other colors you may already have this season. Not to mention an all-over monochromatic maroon number is an ensemble meant to make a statement this fall and for years to come. Leather, velvet, lace and any other fabric in this color looks luxurious, opulent and elegantly fresh. You simply cannot go wrong.

Maroon hues are everywhere, online and in stores. A burgundy jacquard bomber jacket is a classic style you can wear this winter and many winters to come. An oxblood leather biker jacket is another must-have item. Maroon accessories are another way to incorporate oxblood into your wardrobe, and these two-tone platform pumps are a great item to intensify any outfit. Stylish, chic and a vital color in seasons to come, invest in oxblood now, you will not regret it.

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