Back to school fashion is all about embracing a sense of renewal, saying farewell to summer, and showing some goods you’ve been storing to your fellow peers. What I hope ladies will introduce back into their wardrobes is a fabulous pair of trousers. Good crutches like denim and dresses are things you will have always have time for. Now it’s the season about stating the less obvious and doing something bold and striking. Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich are the first few images that come to mind when it comes to the pant. They were both iconic, unique, and all for the bottom half movement. Women in pants mean women in power. There’s something refined and classic about this structure of great lengths. Some may underestimate the feminine factor in this general male attire. It’s all about the individual who allows sexuality and chic appeal to exude throughout an outfit. This Fashionista looked stunning simply in well tailored trousers with a slouchy V-neck, and penny loafers with socks. She looks campus cool and definitely hits high marks. The high waist twill pants have perfect volume but still allow a great shape to come across. The gray pallet can make some Mad Men blush with its intellectual touch. Find a pair that has a great fit, charm,pattern and sense of your own. The casual feel of the shirt allows a great variety of accessories. Whether it be a blazer, cardigan, or even a scarf anything can match. It’s all about balancing it out and creating a unified style. So if someone asks, “Who wears the pants in this fashion relationship?”… darling You Do!

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