STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Parkas to the people

Now and again the fashion industry embrace and develop distinctive parts of subcultures to bring old trends back from the dead. This summer the pop culture parkas are the new high street fashion favorite and are sold in stores all over Newcastle. I spotted this Fashionista a cold and rainy early summer day walking down the streets of Newcastle and I fell in love with her mix of the ‘boyfriend’ parkas and the multicolored floral scarf. Together with the mini cotton skirt, the hoddie and her trashed black tights this outfit makes a strong parka statement – comfortable, practical and very chic – and we LOVE comfy fashion. 

In the North East the weather can change rapidly, from hot summer days to windy and cold nights, the parka is therefore a great choice to stay fashionable and trendy when the weather lets you down. If you wear a traditional black or green parka, go wild with colored scarves, skirts or tops to spice it up. If you are bold and love to chock with new trends, check this out for several inspiring parkas, ready to make a new summer fashion statement. 

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