Puzzled about what to wear to your Fourth of July's barbeque this year? Take a page from this Fashionista's book. While denim dresses and red polo shirts are American classics, why not mix it up a bit? This girl dons a backwards baseball cap decked out in our American stripes and stars to wear our flag proudly.

I was drawn to this Fashionista initially because of her quirky hat, but realized the rest of the outfit was the key to her style success. She starts with a clean palate: skinny jeans, with a neutral top and flats but she knows the importance of details. For example, her jeans are delicately cuffed and held up by a leopard belt. Her patent leather flats are interesting in their menswear shape. And her top is on trend with the tie up style. Yet all of this is muted by the sheer greatness of her backwards baseball cap. While some of us may think baseball caps are more “Yankee” than high fashion, I beg to differ: Key designers have topped their models off with similar styles in their 2012 shows including Balenciaga, Tracy Reese, and Timo Weiland. They have turned the laid bag essential into a luxe accessory. The baseball cap adds an instant cool factor to any outfit. The vibe reads tomboy and nonchalant, especially when turned around backwards.

What makes this particular hat special though, is the red, white, and blue. She uses fashion in a fun way to show love for her country. Don’t be tempted to wear a flag mini dress à la your favorite Spice Girl. Keep it tasteful. There have been many innovations since my childhood favorite, Old Navy annual flag tees, to update your wardrobe. Whether it is one of Brandy and Melville’s flag sweaters or UNIF’s patriotic cutoffs, you can keep it subtle but still live the American dream. Whether you’re striped or starred, you’ll be set for the fireworks this year!

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