STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Party it up in Plaid

Forget the Brooks Brothers buttons ups and the sports blazer, it’s time for a more relaxed, trendy look. A polished look that can work for the high-end clubs of the West End, to the more hipster bars of East London can be achieved. This Fashionisto’s outfit is ideal for both because although he is wearing a casual plaid button up, his pants are a mix between jean and well, not jean. These blue, almost khaki looking pants allow him to seem slightly dressed up, especially with the addition of boat shoes. His leather, broken in boat shoes adds a classic and semi dressy element to the outfit without having to wear loafers. These shoes allow him to be accepted into places where trainers are prohibited, while also being perfect for much less formal bars. Going back to his shirt, though I do think plaid has become very generic and seen all over the place, it definitely still has a place in my heart. It is just the right top to help this Fashionisto to add an interesting element to his outfit. Without it, say for instance, with a plain colored button up, his whole ensemble would be much more bland. The bright red in his plaid popped out at me and caught my eye. This pattern might not be anything new, but the bold colors make the shirt. Coming from a person who doesn’t usually wear many bright colors, this shirt would be one I believe I could see myself wearing since I do still love plaid – and yes this exact shirt, baggy men’s shirts are great for girls too! Overall, when going out many guys just blend together since a majority tend to wear bland colors. However, this Fashionisto is bound to catch some eyes tonight with those confident colors.

Hint: To get a similar bold red plaid shirt try this one at ASOS or if you’re extra daring, add another dimension with a variety of colors as seen in this shirt

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