STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Passion for Polka-Dots

Fashion is a cyclical process and trends always seems to be repeating themselves all across the globe. High waists, ruffles, polka-dots and chic glasses are all the rave right now. However, this is not the first time these items have been hot for street style. Once upon a time, polka-dots were reserved for the youngest among us. As little girls, we donned little pink polka-dotted swimsuits with ruffle skirts, wore polka-dotted bows, and even enjoyed the occasional polka-dotted sundress. But for whatever reason, as we aged, polka-dots fell to the wayside. Once a favorite print, we found ourselves turning up our nose at the dots, instead opting for more “grown up” patterns.  Not this Fashionista.

I spotted this polka-dotted Fashionista on my walk to class one morning.  Her black-and-white ensemble is what initially caught my eye, but as I came closer, I loved the faint, polka-dot pattern that covered her blouse. She put aside age restrictions, and embraced this youthful print. I also loved how fearless she was in mixiing her polka-dotted top with a chevron-striped pea coat. 

This Fashionista proves that polka-dots should not be restricted to your baby sister’s closet and can make the transition to adulthood with you. To keep polka dots up to date, choose pieces with mature silhouettes, like this button-up top or this dress. Both will keep the ensemble from looking too young.

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