I’m not really the preppiest person. I own a few Lilly pieces and I’ve worn Jack Rogers before, but I tend to shy away from the very concentrated sphere of prep. Nevertheless, I admire this sphere. Those who wear preppy clothes wear them without shame. Sometimes it’s a bright, loud and über-patterned shift, and sometimes it’s a navy Lacoste polo with khakis. I usually find that the people wearing these things don’t care about whatever negative reputation the preppy style might have attached to it. Or maybe they just don't waste time thinking about it. Either way, they embrace their clothes.

But sartorial genres aside, I’ll admit I’m biased in saying that I appreciate this outfit. Patterned pants rock my world. I would wear them every day if I could. They’re different enough to be eye-catching but they also make an outfit look clean, as most fitted pants do. Anthropologie usually lures me in with the patterned pants they carry. This floral pair by Peter Som is magical. Who would have thought that splashing flowers all over pants was anything but a silly idea? We can always count on fashion designers—and creative people in general—to show us something new to judge and perhaps fall in love with.

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