On a gloomy day, when rain is expected, all we want to do is roll out of bed and throw on something comfy and go for the day. It's hard to not let your mood be brought down by the thought of dreary weather. But, this Fashionista did actually the opposite. When I passed her on the streets today, on a day that was supposed to be full of scattered thunderstorms, I couldn't help but smile when I saw her bright rainbow patterned tank paired dark skinny jeans and coral sandals. Who says you can't defy the weather? A tank such as this Fashionista's Forever 21 tank the perfect pick-me-up top for days such as these. I could not find the exact top from the online store, but I did find this contrast abstract top that is a good option for a darker toned patterned top. The bright colors from this Fashionista’s top along with the funky pattern and low scooping neckline make for not only a unique top, but a trendy way to stay above the gloom fall may bring with it. I especially like how she decided to layer the rainbow tank with a higher cut white camisole. Another option with this style tank top could be to pair it with a bandeau. When wearing bright and funky colors, I would make sure that this bandeau was a neutral color, preferably black or white. This prevents the outfit from looking goofy and instead leaves it looking trendy. By pairing such a unique top with BDG black cigarette skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters, the outfit stays comfy and casual. I also liked how she tied in the colors from the top with a pair of coral sandals. The colors don't match exactly, but definitely do not clash.

I found some unique patterned tops on that are perfect for day, but also can be dressed up for the night. My favorite was the T-Bags stone tank top. This top not only was patterned, but also had colorful stones embellishing the neckline for an extra touch. I don't know anyone who doesn't appreciate a versatile shirt. If this top is paired with jeans and boots or sandals, you are school-day-ready. But, if paired with a high-waisted black skirt a cropped black blazer and some basic silver jewelry, you are good to go for a night on the town! This week, look out for fun patterned tops and if your feeling adventurous, even try some of the new patterned jeans. I found an adorable pair, also from ShopBop. The Rag & Bone "Eleanor" pant, when paired with a black top is definitely worth a try!

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