If you don’t have a pencil skirt in your closet by now, you missed the memo. I see them everywhere but usually, I see them worn out at night. I tend to frown upon these tight pencil skirts being worn in the daytime because of how inappropriate it could look. But, when I saw this Fashionista rocking her pencil skirt during the day, I thought she pulled it off perfectly. She wore her red striped pencil skirt with a loose white blouse, green army style jacket, yellow socks and white tennis shoes. What makes the outfit work is the casual shoe attire. I also love how she wore colorful socks with her tennis shoes, adding playfulness and more color to her outfit.

The secret to wearing this type of skirt during the day is to try and be modest in the other parts of your outfit. Take tips from this Fashionista and wear a long sleeve shirt with the skirt and casual, flat shoes. The best part about pencil skirts is that they are so versatile. Like I said before, I usually see these skirts worn out at night. The pencil skirt is a perfect day-to-night item to own. This Fashionista could easily switch her tennis shoes for heels and could be going for a night out on the town. Another thing that I love about pencil skirts is that it can be found anywhere, even at inexpensive stores. There are always a variety of color, patterns and prints available to go with each and every outfit. It is a must-have item to have in your closet!

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