Though floral prints may call to mind sundresses, swimsuits, and springtime in general for some, this past season has proven that, in fashion, flowers are not restricted to any one season. Fall floral motifs were a big hit among the collections of Jil Sander, Mary Katrantzou, Erdem, and many more. Miuccia Prada's Miu Miu collection was especially well recieved, with '40s style dresses in dandelion and lily of the valley prints making for what's Nicole Phelps deemed “one of the designer's most elegant Miu Miu collections ever”. You may even recognize the dress from Miu Miu's sixth runway look, as Kate Moss donned it on the August cover of Vogue UK. So, how did Ms. Prada appropriate floral patterns for the fall and winter season? The fact that she stayed away from pastels, instead opting for a darker color palette, was definitely a factor. 

This Fashionista wisely takes a page from Miuccia Prada's book, choosing a floral shirt in a deep red that naturally evokes the autumn season. Her bag, a royal shade of purple, compliments the strong red hue well, and works in conjuction with her dark blue jean shorts to create what would be classified in the art world as an analogous color harmony. Acessorizing with a cognac leather belt and metallic sandals for good measure, she exudes simplicity and charm as she walks to class. 

Adding some new fall florals to your wardrobe is all too easy. For chic floral blouses, brands like Topshop, Joie, and Equipment all offer great options; for skirts, look to Rebecca Taylor or J Crew. The ultimate steal in the floral dress department will definitely be found at Urban Outfitters, where countless fall dresses are already on sale. However, don't underestimate the extent that this floral trend has already spread; there are plenty of floral accessories out there too, perfect for adding a little flair to a classic look. My personal favorites include floral slip-ons from TOMS shoes, Jagger Edge's floral iphone case, Kimchi Blue's floral backpack,  floral Dr. Martens, and Vivienne Westwood's wool-blend floral scarf.


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