STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Phenomenal Finals Wardrobe

What's more comfortable than wearing leggings, staying warm and looking fashionable? If the stress of finals is tearing you down, don't let it do the same to your wardrobe. This Fashionista knows how to stay comfy and in style. Take a pair of black leggings and put black (or any other color) high socks on top of them. Layer one more time with high black boots. This keeps you warm on the way to library, but also allows you to wear one of my new favorite fall trends, high socks. Putting the line of a sock right in the middle of your thigh can be terrifying, so if this is one of your fears, stick with the black tights and socks to slim the leg. I also think staying with neutral colors helps tame the trend, try mixing different variations of black, gray and tan. This look can also be used with shorter boots, so you can show of some more of your socks! Lastly, she brings her bright top into the fall season by keeping everything else black, including her cute trench coat.

Although white can be a scary choice for the months at the end of the year, I think here it works because the majority of the top is bright colors, like red and orange. This pop of color is what makes it unique and interesting. Fashion is all about breaking the rules in the right way. Don't be afraid to get creative, even when you're just making a trip to the library!

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