This week I spotted this fearless Fashionista exiting her dorm and felt compelled to chase her down. The confidence radiating from her attracted me as powerfully as the paisley maxi skirt she donned. This large, vibrant print is reminiscent of the 1970s — think Starsky & Hutch — and tells a tale as rich as its palette. As I chatted with this Fashionista, I learned of the skirt’s past life as a dress; the modern maxi transcends generations: crafted by her grandmother, the garment once swathed the Fashionista’s mother’s frame.

The maxi paisley skirt is definitely the Fashionista’s statement piece, yet it does not overpower the other elegant elements of her look. The red hues found in the paisley maze are accented by the Fashionista’s rouge lip and diluted by her black combat books and sheer black blouse.

What I admire most about this Fashionista’s look is its unexpected richness. Although her top is translucent, it is anything but disinteresting. The contrasting textures and transparencies of her ensemble merge to create an extremely stylish and personal final look.

So, Fashionistas and Fashionistos, while your eyes dot from pixilated syllable to the next, you may be envisioning yourself in an outfit comparable to this confident sartorialist’s. The key to carrying off a look like this is in your attitude and your personality. The Fashionista that I had the pleasure of snapping was attractive not only in her apparel but also in her posture. Also, her skirt, however eye-catching, is equally personal to her as it is pleasing to a passerby’s hovering gaze. Remember as you dress for each new day to inject little hints (or larger prints) of yourself into everything you wear. Trends are awesome, but there is much more to be said for pieces that transcend time and fad alike.


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