We all have an affinity towards a "favorite color." Whether you are partial to red's vitality, pink's femininity, blue's compassion, or yellow's merriment, honor your favorite color this week by basing an outfit around this single hue with slightly modulating tones and tints.

Today's Fashionista does just this with both style and discern. Overall, her palette is based from a cool purple with individual items slightly differing in shade. Her mature-maroon scarf drapes around her neck with effortless ease. The tints of red in this scarf picks up the red tones in her floral patterned dress. Her plum-purple jacket adds further range to her purple color motif. Even this Fashionista's tights are purple based, a subtle yet refreshing change from the typical black tights.

What makes this Fashionista's outfit so successful is her tasteful range within her color limitation. While her colors are similar, her choice of different fabrics and materials are all different. Her soft, knotted scarf, her structured, buttoned jacket, her cotton patterned dress, and even her tasseled satin shoes all add nuance to her look. So while the thought of wearing a single color-based outfit might sound challenging, by tastefully varying tones and being playful in your choices makes this experiment both accessible and exciting!

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