STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Pippi Longstocking

While I love a good stick straight style or wavy do just as much as the next person, the summer heat too often just isn't conducive for these heavy styles. What's a girl to do when the temperature is rising?

Today's Fashionista illustrates how pigtails and braids (or in her case, both) are a super fun way to be stylish and cool at the same time. In this Fashionista's case, this hair style only further accentuates her '70s rocker vibe. Her high waisted denim shorts and concert T are capped off with an equally carefree hairstyle. Get this girl a sunflower and she's set for Woodstock!

Afraid to reverting back to pigtails may leave you looking more like an elementary school Fashionista? Try the fishtail braid for an edgier take on the single braid. Celebs and Fashionistas alike have been seen sporting this funky style. Check out this how-to to learn how to style your own fishtail braid. Hope it goes swimmingly!

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