STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Pippy Longstocking, Eat Your Heart Out

For me, it goes without saying that Melbourne Fashionistos are some of the most inspired fashion fanatics in the world. The number of guys around the city who take pride in their appearance is, if not more than, equal to that of the Melbourne Fashionistas. Their ability to combine current trends and vintage couture is a major contributing factor in Melbourne's title as fashion capital of Australia.

Today's subject is the epitomy of a true Melbourne Fashionisto. The combination of skin tight denim, a button-down shirt, blazer, neck scarf and leather loafers seperates him from the usual jeans and T-shirt wearing men, as he looks as if he has stepped off the Calibre or Arthur Galan runway. The look is completed (if not made) by the addition of blue and white stripey socks that remain visible between the loafers and his jeans.

His clean-cut, French Provincial attire is modernised by pairing his loose fitting blazer with a contomparary shirt and skinny jeans. In order to achieve this look on a budget, brands such as Cheap Monday make the perfect fit of jean for every body shape and will not break the bank. If your not so keen on the shoes and visible socks idea, try adding a chunky pair of military boots such as these from Mr. Porter for a tougher, less clean-cut look.

So, when dressing this week boys, why not try something a little different, a little more high class and a little more daring. The second glances you get from girls on campus will prove any apprehension you may have wrong!

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