No longer just for lumberjacks, plaid prints made there way on to 2010 runways this season at international houses such as Dior. Plaid, originally used in the Scotland highlands as warrior garb, is now found everywhere in fashion. This Fashionisto's plaid shirt is playful, it has different shades of pink, teal, blue, and white and cute black buttons. The Fashionisto wears bright rolled up teal shorts, and blue slip on shoes. He also chose to pose for this picture with a yellow daisy he found (and subsequently gave to a cute girl that walked by. This guy had style and moves.) Plaid is a really easy way to add print to an outfit in a simple, geometric way; If your not a floral/polka dot person, plaid is the perfect alternative. Plaid also comes in warm cozy flannel perfect for winter. Plaid can be worn on top as a jacket such as this Fashionisto did, or on bottom, similar to what Vivienne Westwood showed on her runway this season.

Plaid is also a great summer/fall to winter piece. This Fashionisto wears his plaid shirt with shorts, but he could easily pair it with a jacket, scarf and jeans and the look would work for winter as well. Keep versatility in mind as you transition into these colder months!

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