STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Plant the Seeds of Fashion

Floral chiffon, pastel flats and a bright cardigan? Look what season it officially is! Easter has long since been coined the turning point for fashion, and while wearing black shoes after the holiday is the oldest and most untrue rule in the entire world, adding more color and fabric variety never hurt anyone. This Fashionista welcomes beautiful spring in an equally beautiful patterned skirt and flats. She looks comfortable, adorable and classy all at the same time.

Floral patterns are already hugely in style on the Penn State campus. I have seen the pattern transcend every article of clothing, from scarves to cropped tees, from socks to headbands. It is a popular trend with good reason: it’s cute! This trend is also easily able to be personalized with the way you wear the rest of the outfits and also your choice of accessories. This Fashionista took a conservative route for class by complimenting her colors from the skirt. She carries a matching and obviously necessary oversized bag to keep all of her books, which also doubles as a cardigan holder when it gets warmer.

Hint: Floral patterns come in every variety imaginable and can be quite the statement piece. Be sure when deciding what to wear with a floral pattern that it does not speak as loudly or else you run the risk of looking insane. However, some patterns work really well with floral, for example a playful polka dot or a simple stripe compliment floral patterns and look amazing. Also, fabric choices like canvas or a leather pair nicely as well.

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