I saw this Fashionista crossing the street ahead of me and slowed my pace down in order to casually bump into her. She looked primarily comfy, yet dressed for the weather. It was one of those days when you'd look out the window in the morning and groan because you realize it's still not spring yet and yes, there is snow flurrying … again. Instead of throwing on the outfit she wore the day of the Midwest's enormous blizzard, she opted for a more lightweight, belted plaid jacket to accentuate her petite figure. 

Take a jacket like this Fashionista's and work with it. Stay subtle and pair it with a brightly colored tote. Or, keep in mind that clashing is outdated and go wild — all while keeping in mind an underlying theme or color combination. 

Sonia Rykiel mixed up a variety of tartan, tweeds, argyles, and plaids in all different colors to create looks that were effortless yet cozy for her fall 2011 RTW collection. Springtime seems to be procrastinating on its entrance into Iowa City, but our puffer jackets are worn and tired. Brighten up your slouchy layers with a rambunctious accessory — like Rykiel does using a bright pink stole against warm plaids. 

Remember, patterns never go out of style, but they'll be particularly prominent this spring. Be sure to stock up on transition pieces — basics will go far in your wardrobe! 

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