STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Playful in Patterns

This Fashionista is wearing one of the edgiest outfits I’ve seen on Miami’s campus this year. Not only has this Fashionista so smoothly incorporated two different patterns in her outfit, but she is also wearing a long skirt combined with combat boots. There are so many things about her style that I want to talk about. Her black and white stripped skirt paired with her blue and white dotted long skirt is a fundamental paradox. The horizontal stripes have a slimming effect while the long skirt elongates the body; therefore, this pairing is super becoming. Furthermore, the femininity is toughened a little with the combat boots. This outfit is punk rock meets bohemian meets this week's Fashionista’s individual style.

The combination of different patterns was a huge trend in fall 2012, but as this Fashionista proves it can still be worn, and worn well. Firstly, Suno has always been known for prints; however, Suno’s fall 2012’s collection featured a more refined look. In other words, different flower prints were seen on tailored pants and blouses. Whereas, Basso and Brooke’s fall 2012 collection lacked all sense of symmetry. Every look it seemed featured a combination of new prints, almost making my eyes hurt. However, the theme of patterns and usage of them has never been so clearly expressed. This theme is to use patterns and use them in excess. I think this Fashionista abided by and would agree with the tone that both Suno and Basso and Brooke has displayed in fall 2012. This weeks Fashionista is bringing the trend in a very elegant way to Miami University’s campus.

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