When you have a post Thanksgiving attitude with finals and an addition of last quarter projects it almost seems like fashion is completely non-existent. Hold your horses Fashionistas there is still an answer to looking stylish when slugging into the classroom. You’re looking for something easy and simple to pair anything with, something that you can have for any season and have no fuss. Case and point the T-shirt. The T-shirt is probably the chicken of fashion. It’s a blank canvas that is so versatile the variation options are endless! Most importantly, when done right, it gives us the luxury of being complete effortlessly chic with a statement. Though instead of going for just a V-neck or horizontal stripes try a tongue and chic Graphic T. Having an actual conversation can give you the upper hand on your upper half. You want something that isn’t too outrageous but still a hint of humor or meaning. It’s about showcasing a bit of personality and giving a sense of definition to who you are. There also shouldn’t be too much going on allow the words to speak, which is why you stay away from Ed Hardy.

This Fashionista caught a sunny day with her Mad to Live T-shirt, distressed jeans, and handsome booties. She looks refreshing, cool, and the Ray Bans are the extra flair to give her pop. There are a ton to choose from that suit your sytle. There are some that have scoop necks, heathered fabric, and jersey style sleeves. You can master the look with a T that has a flirty appeal, supporting a cause, or showing some city pride. The best part these pieces can translate perfectly with your favorite scarf, pea coat, or boyfriend vest. You’ll be turning heads in the library but being oh so politely graphic about it.

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