Polka dots and stripes…oh my! These are two of the most classic and common patterns yet also two of the most avoided and feared. It’s true, not all styles compliment everybody’s figure, but today’s Fashionista shows us how to pull off polka dots in a simple yet still statement-making manner.

Patterns and prints such as polka dots and stripes are usually avoided because they are too busy and overwhelming. I will admit myself that sometimes I too have stayed away from them because I, like everyone else, can sometimes never figure out what pieces to pair them with or which accessories to use as the finish of my look. However walking home to my apartment after class one afternoon I spotted this girl right outside of my complex—I knew I just had to stop her and feature her for perfecting the use of polka dots.

The key to pulling off polka dots in this Fashionista’s outfit is the use of basic options that serve as a supporting cast while her polka dot blouse is the star! Her white tee and blue jeans are safe options making sure that her polka dot blouse does all the talking. I won’t deny I do love spotting a Fashionista that enjoys being bold and mixing and matching prints and patterns together, but however my fellow readers that is not an option for the meek at heart! Practice makes perfect, so before you decide to go crazy with polka dots, stripes, prints or patterns, look closely at this Fashionista and first begin with the simple incorporation of such loud pieces with your everyday wardrobe basics.

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