Finally, a CollegeFashionista in polka-dots! If you have been reading my weekly blogs you should all know by now that I think black is the key to any outfit. This Fashionista wears my favorite color like a pro. Keeping it simple and sticking with black and white, she looks like she is ready for business. Thanks to global warming, instead of a coat, she is able to wear a light black blazer and by cuffing the sheer blouse at the sleeves it draws attention to the pattern.

I like that she dresses up her day outfit by adding inches to the height of her Sam Edelmen over-the-knee boots with zipper detail. Boots like these give her day look a little something extra. She could easily take this outfit, wear it out to dinner and after head on over to the bar. Besides her anchor earrings (taking an opportunity to represent Delta Gamma Fraternity) her jewelry is simple, complete with bracelets that she discovered while abroad in Mexico.

It turns out that polka-dots are not just for little girls with pig tails. So, the question is, how do you wear polka-dots without looking like Mini Mouse? Keep it simple. Like this Fashionsita, If you are going to wear polka-dots stick with one pattern. A polka-dot blazer can be worn casually to class with a colored T-shirt or paired with an LBD for a night out. It is the perfect alternative to florals this spring. It is a pattern that can be casual but dressy. How perfect is the simple combination of a pink polka-dot blouse with white jeans? Queue the online shopping.

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Words cannot describe my absolute love for this week’s style advice. Minnie Mouse was onto something, as was that infamous girl wearing her itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. While these dots may seem a bit juvenile, they can look absolutely adorable when you find the right combination. As I have mentioned before, polka dots come in virtually every color, so you can find the color that best suits you.

Take this week’s Fashionista: she dresses up her outfit by keeping it all black and wearing boots. Her polka dot blouse blends in perfectly with the rest of her outfit, giving it just a hint of color with the white dots. The huge bow in the center is not only charming, but also gives it an added hint of sophistication. I also love bows, so this blouse is an absolute win-win for me.

This is not to say that polka dots should only be worn monochromatically. In fact, they work quite nicely as accent pieces. Polka dot tights or scarves are both trendy accessories that can add a nice bit of contrast to any outfit. Because these are simple accessories, you can ease yourself into the trend while still maintaining your personal style.

I am personally a big fan of polka dot tights, like these from Neiman Marcus. Since they are black and sheer, you can use them interchangeably with any of your other tights. They look so cute with a pair of distressed shorts or a nice dress! Also, if you’re interested in this week’s Fashionista’s blouse look, this cami from J. Crew is a good day to night piece. You can wear it to class or an internship, but it would look foxy for a night out on the town too. Take a look at the Ann Taylor scarf I referenced in a prior post about polka dot prints for some more inspiration.

Trust me: once you get started on this trend, you too will be obsessed.

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