Since outdoor pools are a rare thing to come by in central London, people flock to the nearest patch of green to soak up the sun. Parks are the equivalent to being at the pool, with people lounging around in their swimsuits enjoying time with their friends. As I was wandering around Hyde Park I couldn’t help but snap a photo of this Fashionista with her play on plaid. Her top (which can easily be doubled as a bathing suit cover up) has the traditional plaid pattern that has been worn by many in the past years; however, the style of the shirt is what caught my attention. Plaid has always come off as tomboy-ish to me and more of a style to throw on when on the go. However, with the loose ruffles at the bottom and the sleeveless style, this plaid is effortlessly chic. It is an ideal mix with a girly cut and a not so girly pattern. Another great part about her outfit is her sandals. They are not your typical strappy gladiators or any other style that I have been seeing everywhere. I particularly like the diversity of the one thick strap around the ankle and then the smaller on around her big toe. They’re not too busy, yet not boring in the slightest. The thick strap around her ankles is embroidered with little metallic beads adding just the right amount of detail.

Hint: To achieve the girly plaid look try this plaid tunic, which can be doubled as a bathing suit cover up or fashionable top to throw on in the city. As for her shoes, they’re from a boutique but get an equally eye-catching pair on ASOS that guarantee to spice up any outfit.

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