STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Popping Colors and Peacoats

Fall is simply the season I anticipate most. Its not the crisp air, or the changing colors of the trees, nor is it the fun filled spirit of Halloween, it’s for one reason and one reason only; the clothes. And while I adore high boots and fitted trenches, I equally enjoy viewing how the boys will interpret the change of season into their wardrobe. There is something more mature about this time of year, and anything that brings maturity to men is definitely valuable. I spotted this trendy gentleman veering the corner and sprinted to catch another glimpse. The Fashioinsto easily stood out from the crowd of men dressed drably in boring blacks and grays, the fashion standard and favorite of the downtown campus in a navy pea coat that refused to be ignored.

Pea coats are a perennial fall favorite for men, women, and designers. The pea coat is updated each season to incorporate emerging trends and keep the style updated. This Fashonisto keeps his look fresh with a double-breasted wool jacket in royal blue. Color continues throughout the outfit with his Polo striped green oxford and buttoned bright purple sweater. The use of complementary colors is always effective in a look, and a treat to the eye. Purple and green play wonderfully off each other, and balance the Fashionisto’s dark blue coat and beige trousers.

For a look like today’s Fashionisto, try a budget friendly classic like Michael Kors double- breasted pea coat or this Alpha Industries’ version. If you have already invested in a classic pea coat and are searching for one that assimilates fall/winter trends, there are many options available. Fall fashion trends for men include the inspirations of military, British countryside, English schoolboy, and sport savvy. If you desire to sport the military pea, search for a coat in hues such as army green, gray, and cameo with dramatic hardware or structured shoulders to completely modernize the classic. Look for jackets like Reiss’s military mackintosh coat or Rag & Bone’s Short pea coat with a napoleonic collar and angled welt pockets. For a look that details British countryside choose a toggle coat like this one by Rugby in a neutral such as beige or gray. If that is too lifeless opt for a pea coat in muted colors, such as burnt orange, mustard, or eggplant. For the Fashionisto who wishes to encompass the affluent equestrian theme to the extreme, try an argyle pea coat seen on the runways of Ferragamo and Louis Vuitton. If you wish to consolidate the theme of British schoolboy, the modification is simple: plaid and more plaid in every color and pattern. Banana Republic makes a versatile version that is subtle and simple if you feel the style is too audacious. Transforming the peat coat to a more sport inspired style is achieved through selection of fabrics. Choose a coat that has athletic material such as nylon, or lycra with zippers such as Vince’s nylon puffer pea coat. Pea coats are a fall must have, whether you choose a classic or contemporary version be sure to have this staple in your wardrobe.

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