Saying I struck gold when I saw this Fashionista taking a stroll along the Iowa River feels a bit off. With her shining turquoise accessories, I find it more fitting and equally complementary to say that I struck silver.

For CollegeFashionistas on a budget, sterling silver is the most durable metal we can afford with our limited paychecks. Silver may not possess the vintage appeal and sophisticated connotation of yellow gold, but it has its own clean and polished look that makes for a fabulous addition to any outfit.

Any girl can wear leggings with a bright tunic and call herself trendy. What separates CollegeFashionistas from the girls next door is the ability to take a simple outfit to the next level with intricate details. With her silver cuff and hoops, chunky turquoise rings, fringe boots and red leather tote, this Fashionista is totally chic and ready for another fabulous day on campus.

There are tons of fabulous silver accessories in this ensemble, but my favorite piece, by far, is this Fashionista’s cross pendant necklace. As a gift from her aunt and one of her go-to accessories for everyday wear, this little bauble is one of her most precious possessions. I can totally understand why this Fashionista treasures her pendant so dearly, because that is exactly how I feel about my favorite piece of jewelry. A little piece of advice: If you find an accessory that personifies the essence of your personality and looks great with everything, never it let it go.

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