The preppy style, infamous on college campuses up and down the east coast, is known for classic, clean-cut pieces in bright colors. Patterns such as plaid, stripes, floral, paisley and polka dots, as well as the infamous collar, help to differentiate this style from all others. While the preppy style is very distinguishable, this Fashionista added a personalized twist onto this well-known style that immediately caught my attention.

Firstly, swaying away from the polo shirt and khaki pants norm, this Fashionista experimented by pairing a simple pale pink dress with an open navy blazer and a red velvet miniature clutch. During the summer, the blazer is a perfect layering piece that is easy to throw on inside a chilly office or restaurant. The button-less blazer adds an edge to any outfit and has the benefit of not synching at waist, but rather allowing the clothes underneath to show through. Adding a twist to the preppy look is the longer blazer and the striped detailing on the cuffs which complements this Fashionista’s height and sense of style.

This Fashionista’s matching pearl earrings and necklace add a hint of sophistication to her ensemble, while her neutral toned and casual ballet flats make the outfit perfect for a summer internship or a dinner out afterwards.

The preppy look however is not just limited to Fashionista’s. For Fashionisto’s can easily rock the preppy look too, by pairing khaki pants with a bright colored collared shirt and a pair of either loafers or boat shoes. To show off a bit of individual creativity, Fashionisto’s can mix and match two different colored polos and overlap them. Hint: to stay warm and fashionable when the cold weather finally come back, Fashionisto’s can try Brooks Brother’s new collegiate collection featuring a line of pre-embroidered clothing with the logo of the college or university they attend.

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