The weather is an extreme factor when it comes to planning what outfit you put on in the morning. Half of the time the logic that goes on behind your outfit, when combined with the weather of that day, is comfort. But, you can't allow comfort to overcome style. Comfortable, weather appropriate clothing can be both fashionable and functional. I'm a witness, I've seen it done so no excuses.

Oversized garments are hugely popular and fashionable. And of course, all you people who may be aiming for comfort, it'll satisfy you as well. Today's Fashionista wears a slightly patterned sweater that might otherwise be kind of dull if it had not been for her accessory. She singles handedly added a much more appealing element to her ensamble by throwing in a somewhat clashing patterned purse. Long gone are the days of trying to match your pruse, or your shoes for that matter, up with your outfit. You're better off just closing your eyes and blindly grabbing your accessories. And the bigger the bag the better, but, that's nothing new there. It's espically helpful for college students since you are just able to throw everythign you need into your large bag. For grandma sweater thrift stores carry great, cheap pieces that you can just go crazy with – bleach them, shread it, anything! A great site that had gained quite the amount of attention lately is Nasty Gal, it's kind of like a high end vintage thrift store/boutique where you can find great pieces at.

Hint: For all you Richmind kids, I'm sure you are all farmiliar with Rumors Boutique, or friendly niegborhood thrift shop. If you aren't get familiar with this shop real quick. It's the best place to pick up rare finds at a college budget price point. 

(Picture thanks to DirtyRichmond)

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