All of us have those moments when we just don’t know what to do — or what to wear. It's these times when we are inclined to get back to the basics, to find the fundamentals, because we know instinctively that the answer probably lies in the uncomplicated. When it comes to color, what are the basics? Where is the beginning? This Fashionista knows her roots well. She couldn’t go wrong with the three colors that gave us the rest of the rainbow. 

She told me she wears the red lipstick every day. Offsetting her fair skin and hair, it’s a bold statement and the perfect palette with which to begin her exploration of the color wheel. The red moves seamlessly to the simple yellow tee, and easily down to the skirt, with florals quoting Chinese blue and white porcelain. The added white in the skirt and in her beaded necklace break up the color blocks, almost reminiscent of a Mondrian painting — though she wouldn’t be the first to invoke Mondrian in fashion (see this famous Yves Saint Laurent dress). Her neutral shoes are also an essential additive to her vibrant primary color scheme because they blend the look with her natural appearance. Sometimes wearing only bright and colorful pieces can make an outfit look almost detached from the body, like it’s just sitting on top and might get up and walk away at any moment. We need something to hold the paint on the canvas, and a neutral or earth–toned accessory is the perfect adhesive.  

Finally, she tops the look off with a vintage, red, cross–body bag.  It used to be her mother’s, who apparently got one in every color when she bought it. The red is perfect with this Fashionista’s look, bringing it back to her signature starting place — the lip color.  She gives red the primary focus in her outfit, but she includes all the primary colors for an uncomplicated answer to the “what to wear” debacle.

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