Although some celebrities, more specifically one celebrity – Snooki – has been giving leopard a bad name with crotch-length, cleavage-bearing silky leopard print dresses, I am here to set the record straight. Leopard is and has always been in style; it’s a recurring trend, season after season. Not only can a touch of leopard make a simple outfit, like the one seen here, suddenly Fashionista-status, but it’s also really classy if you steer clear of anything resembling Snooki’s mini-dresses.

There’s so many ways to add a little leopard to your outfit like this Fashionista has done with her scarf. Whether you choose a leopard print purse, flats, watch or other accessories, you’ve easily given your outfit new depth. Your outfit will be transformed from simple and boring to fun and trendy. Isn’t that always the goal anyways?

When pairing items with your leopard print accessories, steer clear of mixing with other patterns. Stick with simple colors, ideally basic colors like white and black or beiges and grays. If you really want your outfit to pop, mix cobalt blue or bright red with leopard print accessories. Pair leopard heels with a dress for an edgy going out look or try a leopard satchel with jeans for daytime. Just remember, a little leopard goes a long way!

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